• Product Overview The Jimi JC100 3G GPS tracking dash cam have 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution at 30 fps with H.264 compression technology for more storage, it is currently the most popular budget cam on the market, and for good reason. Jimi

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  • GPS receiver manufacturers have a number of software products available for their models that support maps. So you have a better understanding of what types of maps are available, here are the different map software packages that the major

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  • GPS DEVICE HISTORY The GPS is an acronym for global positioning system and is an American system that consists of a system of 24 geosynchronous satellites in the Earths orbit. In any place on Earth, three or four satellites should be in vie

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  • Product Overview X1 GPS tracker is an advanced model which is suitable for fleet management, public transportation management, school bus management, taxi operation management, vehicle insurance company management, rent car management and p

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  • Vehicle GPS Tracker is a practical and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for vehicle tracking. It combines GSM+GPRS+GPS wireless communication technology, with A-GPS function the device can easily achieve extreme fast positioning (

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