• Smart Mirrors are nothing new, and the topic of the product is still hot, but the lack of an expected explosion in shipments has left the market looking like an embarrassment of riches. There are many manufacturers for the intelligent rear-

    <b>The trend of intelligent rear-view mirror will eventually cha</b>
  • Compared with the 4G network, 5g network transmission speed is hundreds of times faster, but also has wide coverage, low power consumption, large connection, low time delay and other characteristics, with the support of 5G Network, things i

    <b>when 5g full commercial use, will bring smart home how big ch</b>
  • There are three main changes that 5G has brought to the smart home: The first is a significant increase in transmission rate. One of the key features of 5G compared to 4G is the significant increase in transmission speed. 5g can basically d

    <b>There are three main changes that 5G has brought to the smart</b>
  • The monitoring system is made up of, surveillance cameras, switches, routers, network dvrs, and so on. Of course, different application scenarios may have different requirements for surveillance cameras. The purpose of this article is to gi

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  • GPS based navigation modules can now be found in almost every car on the road. These are not merely to help you find your route. They go way beyond finding the shortest routes for you. Real-time vehicle tracking was once rather difficult to

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