• What exactly is a connecting or connected object or a thing? In close-to-market IoT applications, RFID tags and sensors are connecting inanimate objects and are building the actual things enabling the first IoT services. Following the Ameri

    IoT applications: Smart Car Tracker and Wireless Camera
  • Rack-Mounted or Stand-Alone? Video servers save space by fitting into existing server rooms, eliminating the need for dedicated CCTV control rooms. If coax cabling has already been run to a central room, a video server rack can be used. Rac

    wireless IP camera is equivalent to a set of CCTV system
  • Military- Grade GPS jammers Once it was learned that the United States had GPS in the 1960s, the Russians tried to learn what it was and then built a rival system starting in 1976. They were not just satisfied with building a rival system

    Signal Jamming For Both GPS and Glonass Systems
  • Wireless IP Camera , Lens Most video-dome systems use high sensitivity color cameras that can be operated in: (1) color (2) monochrome (3) switch-over from color to monochrome automatically. The CCD cameras have an image format of 1/6 or 1/

    The availability of Wireless IP Camera and lense
  • Nowadays, the global world is changing so fast that we need to catch up with the speed of its changes. And people have noticed 3G GPS tracking business era is approaching and a question has been put forward, that is Are GPS tracking busines

    Are GPS tracking businesses prepared for 2G-to-3G challenge?