• Vehicular networking features high-speed mobility, short-lived connectivity, and infrastructureless networking, forming vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET). Roadside units (RSUs) operate in two modes: infrastructure and ad hoc. RSUs, operatin

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  • Models specifically intended for mounted use in an automobile or on a boat will generally be too bulky and heavy to hold for extended periods. If ou want a GPS intended for handheld use in hiking and backpacking, there are some great models

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  • A change in the navigation bit polarity interferes with coherent acquisition and coherent tracking algorithms. If a receiver knows the navigation bit in advance, it uses this information to extend the coherency interval, which drastically i

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  • Business plan competitions are popular again in the USA as are incubator programs for early stage start-up companies. To help participants prepare for the rigors of real-world meetings with venture capital investors, incubators often featur

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  • Nowadays, the design and development of wireless sensor networks for various real-world applications, such as environmental monitoring, health monitoring, industrial process automation, battlefields surveillance, and seism monitoring, has b

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